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Lit! (a review)

I loved this book.  Tony Reinke has written one of the clearest arguments for why we, as Christians, should read, how to read, what to read, when to find time to read, etc.

The beginning of this book was super helpful.  Reinke spent nearly the first half explaining the theology of reading.  Essentially, why we read.  I’ve always loved words and these chapters opened up to me the beauty of letters and phrases and sentences in a way that I had never seen before.

We are made to be a people of words.  Our culture has placed such an emphasis on the image and the sound-wave, while dropping the significance of reading.  God has created us to be a people who read.  It stretches our minds to greater heights of knowing Him, seeing His beauty, and seeking His glory throughout all of life.

The second half of the book is a practical guide to reading and I enjoyed it just as thoroughly as the first half.  It has encouraged me to persevere in finding time to read and to say no to the distractions that seek to keep me from the discipline of reading.  I now feel better equipped to read well for the glory of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Confession: I read the 12th chapter of this book first.  Before everyone starts shooting me for degrading the proper way to read a book or any other outlandish things you wish to shout at me, I had a purpose in this.  The 12th chapter was entitled, “Marginalia” and it is essentially a how-to chapter for writing in books.  I wanted to be able to know how to write well in books, so I could mark up the entire book.

I know.  Writing in books is evil.  The fear of writing in books was put in me at a very early age and I still feel a delicious rebellion when I write in my books now.  But, as Tony Reinke points out in chapter twelve, there are very good reasons for writing in books and now I fully agree with him.  I’d encourage you to pick up a copy of the book, read chapter twelve, and start brandishing your reading pen (or all of them, if you’re like me and believe that the inside of a book should look colorful).


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