She thought she was alone.  Abandoned before birth by a father.  Left to grow in silence by a dying mother.  Shunned by an entire world.  Her body marked with irremovable scars.  She never had hope.  Until she discovered that all she had ever known was a lie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Introducing the MC from my current WIP, Dome.

*drumroll, please*


Which you probably already guessed because of the title of this post.  This is me not even caring.  I like drumrolls, people.

So, this story is about Jamara, a young woman living in a domed structure under the surface of the ocean.  She has been taught to believe that it is the only world in existence, but in actuality it is just a tiny part of a large universe.  Dome is the chronicle of her journey to the surface and what she finds there.

Not gonna lie, friends, I LOVE this character.

She’s been in the works for about three years, but over the past few months, I’ve started working hard at really getting to know her and who she is.

I’ve found that she’s very broken.  She is maybe not quite as shy as I thought.  There’s a lot of anger built up inside of her at certain people in her life.  She has serious trust issues.  Oh, and there’s some self-hate mixed up with pride going on as well.

But I love her.  And I love this story sooooo much.  Even though it keeps changing on me!  *glares at story-structure*  Seriously, it might never get finished because my plot bunnies will not get their act together.

Anywho, I thought I’d dig into the Beautiful People archive and do a little Q-and-A, so that you could get to know Jamara a little bit too.  Enjoy!  (oh, and also enjoy the little cluster of photos that evokes a bit of Dome-ish mood into the world)

Full Disclaimer: Everything that you read from here on out is completely hearsay as the author may very well decide to change all major ideas within 2 seconds as she has no idea what she is doing.  This may make some story glitches appear temporarily until she finds them and roots them out with her digital pencil.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1. What’s their favorite book/movie/play/etc.?
Well, they don’t have movies in The Dome, so those are out.  She isn’t allowed into any play productions because she is a social outcast.  (This is due to the scarring on her wrists, a characteristic she has had from birth.)  This brings it down to books, which is the one thing in this question that Jamara can participate in and she does so wholeheartedly.  She scavenges any books she can find and devours them as fast as any sane person eats a piece of cake.  I.E., fast.  As to a particular favorite, she will read anything that helps her to mentally escape.  She would most likely enjoy Lord of the Rings (I really don’t care that this is cliche; I’m just thinking in line with what she would enjoy…and honestly, I think that she would appreciate how TERRIBLE of a father Denethor is.  *spoiler, not a spoiler, but, yeah, kind of a spoiler).

2. Is there anything they regret doing?
At the beginning of the story, not really.  She’ll have some regrets later on, when she *cough* has fights with family members whom she doesn’t know exist at this point.

3. If they were sick or wounded, who would take care of them and how?
Ok, so, while she’s still in The Dome, she has a group of kids that she lives with.  They’re all collectively known as The Outcasts, anyone that society has deemed unfit to live.  They all look out for each other, although, she’s only close to one or two of them.  They would be the ones to take care of her.  As to how, they’d just do the best they could with what they have.  It’s not like they get welfare or anything.  They’re outcasts.
Once she gets out of The Dome (and finally learns how to actually trust him), her older brother (who she doesn’t know exists, eeep!) will take care of her.
As to how, well, I already know that he’s going to save her right when they first meet.  She almost freezes to death and he gets her to a warm place and makes sure she doesn’t, you know, die.  She *kind of* appreciates it, but she’s also really, really, excessively scared.

4. Is there an object they can’t bear to part with and why?
So, she has dog-tags.  Every one of the outcasts in The Dome has them.  She hates them because they show that she will never fit in.  (Once you’re an outcast, you can never be “normal” again.)  She tries to break them off when she exits the Dome, but they are tightly clasped and she can’t remove them. (And I understand that she literally can’t part with it and, so it really doesn’t apply to this question, but I’m beyond the point of caring.)

5. What are five ways to win their heart (or friendship)?
(1) Start slow.  She’s been abused for so long that she has serious trust issues.
(2) Be there when she needs you.  This might mean being willing to stay up with her when she’s sobbing at two AM in the morning.  (Not that she always sobs at two AM in the morning, but it has been known to happen before.
(3) Remember what she loves.  Bring her new words.  Listen when she talks.
(4) Don’t be afraid to get hurt.  There will be pain involved in this venture.
(5) Don’t forget to laugh, but don’t tell too many jokes when she’s down.  Remember: rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep (Romans 12:15).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, that’s a little bit of who Jamara is.  I hope to keep finding more and more about her story in the coming weeks.

What about you?  What characters are you developing?  I’d love to hear from you!




I desperately want to travel…

I sometimes ache to see the world, to taste new beauties…

I want to stand and look over the rolling plains and valleys of New Zealand…

I want to climb the steps of a crumbled amphitheater…

I want to ride a bright red, double-decker bus in the heart of London…

I want to stand in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower…

I want to weep in the sorrow of Auschwitz…

I want to creep along the underground catacombs of Rome…

I want to climb and gather the flowers of a mountain pasture in Switzerland…

I want to hear hundreds of voices rising and falling in different languages…

I want to feel the bustle of others rushing to their destinies and wonder how I fit into it all…

I want to rest in the silence of a star-filled sky…

I want to feel the wind in my face and the sun at my back…

I want to breathe the air of different universes…

I want to live…


But even more than this, I long for the final redemption of my people…

I wait with bated breath, for the day when my Redeemer’s voice falls upon my listening ear…

I yearn for time to be exploded in one ultimate cataclysmic motion and the everlasting effects of eternity to seep into my body…

Then, will I stand completed before Him…

No more yearnings…

No more hurts…

No more tears…

No more long, dark nights…

Just Him….



When the Sun Won’t Shine

Do you ever have times where you’re down and you have no idea why?  You’re just down?

Today is one of those days.

My soul is heavy and I feel weighted down by the burden of life.

Just life.

Nothing major.  Not a breakup, or a suspended license, or a college refusal letter.

Just life.

The dozens of equations waiting to be worked out.  The pages of journaling yet to be written.  The love needed to reach out and be part of my family.

The painstaking, gut-wrenching crawl towards Jesus.

It’s exhausting.  I am overcome.  It is here that I am tested.  From where does my help come? (a)

Do I seek it out on YouTube?

Do I envelop myself in a blanket and cry?

Do I numb my mind and soul in endless television?

*deep breath*  I preach to myself.

My help comes from the Lord. (b)

My help comes from the Lord.

My help comes from the Lord.

Not from within myself.

My help comes from the Lord.

Not from this world.

My help comes from the Lord.

Not from my friends.

My help comes from the Lord.

Not even from my family.

My help comes from the Lord.

It is only this sure and steadfast anchor (c) that I can cling to in every storm.  I call out to my Savior.

Let Your steadfast love comfort me according to Your promise to Your servant! (d)

According to Your promise.

According to Your promise.

Your promise?  You have promised to save me.

I am comforted.  You have promised to save me.  I know you to be a faithful God.  You have promised to save me.

I am saved.  I am loved.  I am Yours.

And it is enough.


(a) Psalm 121:1
(b) Psalm 121:2
(c) Hebrews 6:19
(d) Psalm 119:76

All references are taken from the ESV translation.